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Dive into an epic Action Adventure Souls-like journey mixing Climbing, Combat, and Exploration, to become the next Guardian of Lumnis, a once-peaceful land, now forgotten and shrouded in darkness since the arrival of an evil aura. To rid Lumnis of this blight, you will have to prove yourself worthy by finding the 11 keys of Ono scattered around Lumnis, and finally reach the place where Guardians have been named for thousands of years.


Zelda-like Progression

Discover new items and tools to progress on your journey, such as ice axes for rock climbing, a light shield to make your way through dark caves, and many more. Every item you discover is not a simple statistical improvement but has a real impact on what actions you can take.

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Souls-like Combat with a Twist

A stamina-based combat system inspired by the Souls-like genre and expanded with unique mechanics like ranged combat using a javelin, or different types of attacks depending on the enemy you face.

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A Unique Climbing System

Designed to give you a mix of freedom of movement and challenge, to feel like a real rock climber. You are free to climb in any direction, but you have to make sure you have enough stamina to reach your destination.

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Explore a Land full of Wonders and Mysteries

From lost ruins to luxuriant forests and snowy mountains, you will discover a large variety of environments and places, each with their own specific features. Find out about the origin of Lumnis, its development, and why it has been forgotten.

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An Atmospheric Ambiance

A minimalistic and stylized art style focused on atmospheric visuals and sounds.

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